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Scandinavia / Nordic PPC Campaigns Management

We set up the first PPC campaign back in 2005 and since then we are achieving exceptional results for our clients. We are the specialist of running multilingual PPC campaigns in nordic & scandinavian region.

We are offering PPC campaign management for Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland. All the campaigns are managed by Google qualified local PPC experts whom are committed to take your campaign to the next level.

We never translate your English campaign , rather we help you develop a customized campaign for the targetted Scandinavian country by identifying the most relevant keywords along compelling copy of ads with convincing content in different formats.

PPC Management Process

Pre launch

Initial Research

We perform a deep analysis of your website in context to the targeted Scandinavian country.We research your competitors in the region and understand your business objectives.

Trends Analysis

We perform a thorough trend analysis of your keywords in the required Scandinavia/Nordic region, which help us understand how each keyword will perform.

Keywords Landscape

Here we research, identify and select the most relevant keywords for your campaign. We never translate your english keywords rather we choose the most appropriate (Swedish, Danish, Norsk etc) keywords that can achieve the desired results.

Ads Management / Conversion Setting

We help you with ads creation in different formats & different Nordic languages. Our ads have convincing content written by a native speaker.

We also help you with conversion setting to help you track the leads from the campaign.

Post Launch

Daily optimization and management

We assign a dedicated account manager to your Scandinavian campaign to keep track of the campaign performance on daily basis.

Adjusting and refining

We regularly adjust & refine the ads along the overall PPC strategy in order to achieve the best results in terms of CTR, Cost reduction & high conversion rate.

Landing Page Optimization/ Creation

We do regularly analyze the performance of the landing page in terms of visitors behaviour and conversions. We can also help in the design of a cultural landing page in context to the Scandinavian market.


You will be provided with customized campaign reports on weekly basis , our accounts manager will also regularly speak to you about the campaign progress.

Our PPC campaigns are not only limited to major search engines but also we can propagate your campaigns to the local search engines along social media channels like Facebook, Linkedin etc.

Are you interested in a PPC Campaign Management or planning to extend your PPC campaigns to Scandinavia/Nordic , we are here to help. Get in touch with our team today.


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