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By: CamilaDate: May 22, 2022

Google Announced New Ads Manager Tools For Video Ads

Google has announced several new tools for video advertising designed to make the process simpler and more efficient for both advertisers and publishers. The goal is to provide a better experience for users, who will see less intrusive and more relevant ads. The new tools include Ad Manager 360, which provides a centralized platform for managing video ad campaigns; enhanced targeting capabilities; and improved insights and reporting.

Video ads are one of the most popular ways to reach users today, but they’re also complicated. For example, Google Ad Manager was built for in-depth insights on campaign types like video advertising. If you’ve ever had trouble gathering this information or need help managing your streams and growing revenue from videos, look no further! 

Programmatic video health tools are now available! The newest tool is aimed to help publishers better understand insights. The new video signals card includes an insights card showing how your videos perform. The signals include viewability, app/website domain name audience information, potential revenue impact, etc.

It can be hard to stay on top of all the different ad types and their various errors when running a campaign. The Video Ad Serving Template (VAST) is an easy-to-use template for Google Ads Manager that will help ensure your video ads are serving correctly every time by highlighting any issues with playback timing or resolution across platforms – without having too much work cut out ahead of yourself.

Google Ads Manager tools now allow you to create video ads with real-time reporting. The time it takes for you to access performance data has been reduced to under 2 minutes. You can see what ad requests, key values, and more details about winning line items in seconds rather than waiting on slow-loading pages or emails that may never come by when trying to sort some error that wasn’t found before.