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By: Brandi MDate: October 12, 2021

Understanding Google Ads New Budget Report

Companies are always looking to ensure that their marketing campaigns never exceed the estimated budget. Google has always offered marketers the budget reports, but the advertisers found these reports to be very complex.

Therefore, Google decided to launch a new budget report that will help your company visualize your marketing campaign’s monthly expenses. The information will enable you to estimate how much you may expect to pay at month’s end. Additionally, you will be able to evaluate how the changes made to your daily budget affected your campaign’s performance.

Let us explore the new budget reports a little bit in detail.

Google Ads New Budget Report: What Is New?

Google recently announced its new budget reports for Google Ads. The core purpose of this report is to help companies and their marketers forecast and view their marketing campaign’s monthly expenditure.

These reports will help you make much-needed adjustments to your daily marketing budget. You will also be able to see the visual representation of how these adjustments affect your daily and monthly campaign’s performance.

Furthermore, if your marketing campaign reaches its monthly spending limit, Google Ads new budget report will notify you in advance.

The Analysis of the New Budget Report

Now that you know why Google launched its new budget report for Google Ads, it is time to understand how it works. You must also learn how to read the report to make the required adjustments based on previous data.

What Does the Google Ads New Budget Report Show?

These reports carry several data strings to help your company determine the accurate marketing expenditure and how it impacted your campaign.

Image Source: Google

A Solid Grey Line

This line on the budget report chart shows the monthly limit on the expense of your marketing campaign.

Dotted Blue Line

This is the projection of how much you can expect to pay by the end of the month.

Solid Blue Line

This line represents the total amount you have spent so far and any changes you made to the budget during that specific month.

Shaded Blue Area

This shaded area on your Google Ads new budget report shows prediction intervals. These intervals indicate any lower or upper limit that your actual aggregate spend will reach on any given day.

The Arrow Icon

The arrow icon represents any changes made to the average daily budget. Of course, this will show the data on all days when you change the budget. All you need is to hover over this arrow icon, and it will show you the budget changes.

How Can You Access the New Budget Report?

If you want to see the new budget report for your Google Ads, you will first need a marketing campaign that has a date range, including the current month. You can access the budget report from your Campaigns’ page, the Ads groups’ page, and the shared library.

Should You Try The New Report?

Google Ads new budget report can help you understand the importance of editing and its impact on the entire campaign. This report will have to optimize your marketing efforts while controlling your daily as well as per month cost. So, try these new reports to improve your planning and marketing finance management.