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Google handling around 2 trillion searches a year

Google has surely crossed the 1 trillion mark when it comes to handling yearly search queries , but the Search Guru has not disclosed the exact figure yet. The broad “Trillions”  figure it  has recently revealed.

Google has confirmed the “Trillions” figure to SearchEngineland.com , according to which Google is now handling trillions of searches every month . How many trillions ? this is not exactly known , but presumbely it can between 2  to 999 triliion…


The timeline of Google  year searches are as follow

– 1999: one billion –  ( The figure was reported in the all time famous book “THE SEARCH” by  John Battelle. )

2000:  14 billion –  ( Figures reported by Battelle , but can not termed as an exact estimate. )

2001–2003: 55 billion –  ( Based on Google reports .)

2004–2008: 73 billion –  ( Based on Google sayings that the search engine is now handling 200 millions per year.)

2009: 365 billion+ –  ( Based on Google blogpost where it mentioned more than one billion per day. )

2012–2015: 1.2 trillion –  ( Based on Google press release where it mentioned more than 100 billion searches per month.)

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