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By: Martina AllenDate: March 9, 2014

comScore releases UK digital market overview for February 2014

comScore recently released an overview of the UK digital market according to which the UK digital population and PC usage is experiencing a monthly growth (+0.5% and +0.3%) , mobile usage has increased by+1.3% to 34.5m while video consumption has been on the lower side i-e +1.3% to 34.5m.

The most visited websites on all platforms are Google, Facebook and Amazon , while Yahoo and BBC have made into the Top 10 as well.

 (Image Source: digitaltrends.com)

ComScore listed the top 10 web properties based on digital population across all platforms  (PC, Mobile and Tablet)  as follow.

1: Google

2:  Amazon Sites

3: Yahoo Sites

4:  Microsoft Sites

5: BBC Sites

6:  Ebay

7: Glam Media

8: Wikimedia Foundation ( Wikipedia )

9: Apple Inc

Based on the Report some 44.8 Million British users have surfed the web during the month with an approximately 32.4 million daily visitors.

The top 10 web properties visited on PC in UK are listed as follow.

1: Google Sites

2: Microsoft Sites

3:  Facebook

4: Amazon Sites

5: E bay

6:  Yahoo Sites

7: BBC Sites

8: Glam Media

9:  Wikimedia Foundation Sites ( Wikipedia )

10: Appl Inc

To Download the comScore complete report , Click here 

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