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Say Goodbye to Every Facebook Adverts’ Serious Nightmare: The 20% rule

By: Brandi Marcene
September 28, 2020

Facebook adverts have officially taken a sigh of relief after Facebook cuts them slack by eliminating the 20% text rule over ad images. A drastic change of events in the world of social media advertising has led Facebook to get rid of a rule that restricted adverts to verbally advertise (excessively) over the ad images […]

Google Now Uses BERT to Match Stories With Fact Checks

By: Brandi Marcene
September 2, 2020

Guess RankBrain isn’t the only best invention since sliced bread, introducing BERT designed to impact 1 in 10 of all Google search queries. Who doesn’t look out for authentic and relevant searches? It is quite obvious that no matter how simple the search may be, we always want the most accurate results to show up […]

New Ad Label from Google

By: Martina Allen
February 26, 2017

Google has rolled out a new Ad label globally by replacing the previous solid green version. The new ad label comes with a green outline and white background.

Catch up your favorite recipe easily with enhanced Google recipe App

By: Martina Allen
February 10, 2017

With Google latest version of recipe search on the Google App you can now easily search for your favorite receipe with a carousel of tappable suggestions.

Google handling around 2 trillion searches a year

By: Martina Allen
June 3, 2016

Google has surely crossed the 1 trillion mark when it comes to handling yearly search queries , but the Search Guru has not disclosed the exact figure yet. The broad “Trillions” figure it has recently revealed.

Google unveils Google Assistant

By: Martina Allen
April 15, 2016

Google has recently unveiled a virtual assistant tool which is beyond a gadget or app but rather looks like a complete platform.

The virtual assistant is an AI based intelligent system that can follow up users queries with multiple answers , with Google keeping track of each conversation and returning the right answer . Google Assistant has the ability to understand and follow-up queries plus carry out complex operations behalf of the users.

According to Sundar Pichai , Google CEO “Think of the assistant, we think of it as a conversational assistant, we want users to have an ongoing two-way dialog”.

New Design For Google search results is now officially live.

By: Martina Allen
April 16, 2014

Jon Wiley , Google Lead Search Designer announced on G+about the launch of the design “You may have noticed that Google Search on desktop looks a little different today.”, this is what he is referring to the new design for search results. The new search design has underline removed from the Titles, and evened out […]

comScore releases UK digital market overview for February 2014

By: Martina Allen
March 9, 2014

comScore recently released an overview of the UK digital market according to which the UK digital population and PC usage is experiencing a monthly growth (+0.5% and +0.3%) , mobile usage has increased by+1.3% to 34.5m while video consumption has been on the lower side i-e +1.3% to 34.5m. The most visited websites on all […]

New Google Logo for Women’s Day – 2014

By: Martina Allen
March 8, 2014

Google has gone live with a new women day logo aimed at the March 8th International Women’s Day . The logo is an animated video  that display some of the most prominent women personalities from around the world. The list include Mary Kom , Asha Bhonsle and Malala Yousafzai. For a full list of women displaying in […]

Matt Cutts “Different TLD’s under one IP Address OK”

By: Martina Allen
December 18, 2013

Matt Cutts, Google head of Search Spam while responding to a question from Germany mentioned that in general it is “OK” to have different TLD’S (Top Level Domains)  under one IP address. According to Matt Cutts Google takes top level domain as a very strong indicator for getting a hint about a specific country, so one IP […]

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