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Say Goodbye to Every Facebook Adverts’ Serious Nightmare: The 20% rule

By: 6680d9526d5a801ad144580eba633c67
September 28, 2020

Facebook adverts have officially taken a sigh of relief after Facebook cuts them slack by eliminating the 20% text rule over ad images. A drastic change of events in the world of social media advertising has led Facebook to get rid of a rule that restricted adverts to verbally advertise (excessively) over the ad images […]

Google Now Uses BERT to Match Stories With Fact Checks

By: 6680d9526d5a801ad144580eba633c67
September 2, 2020

Guess RankBrain isn’t the only best invention since sliced bread, introducing BERT designed to impact 1 in 10 of all Google search queries. Who doesn’t look out for authentic and relevant searches? It is quite obvious that no matter how simple the search may be, we always want the most accurate results to show up […]

New Ad Label from Google

By: 0d96540713577b66a114ae78dfc1576e
February 26, 2017

Google has rolled out a new Ad label globally by replacing the previous solid green version. The new ad label comes with a green outline and white background.

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